Going on a nature trail

Mumbai, September 10: A group of Nature Club enthusiasts of our school visited the Sion Fort Garden along with their teacher, Mrs. Barkha Shah, as part of a Green line activity, under the guidance of Ms. Gauri Gurad, a plant expert.

The Nature trail was organized to watch birds, insects and trees. The students observed and learnt about the following  plants and insects.

1) Dragon fly ( Ditch jewel):

There were many dragon flies hovering over the fort. Dragon flies are indicators of nearby water bodies because they lay eggs in water. There was only one species ditch jewel in huge numbers showing a bad sign of polluted water bodies.

2)  Lantana camera:

It’s a common invasive weed that attracts lots of butterflies.

3) Rui fruits:

Rui fruits look like moustache. The leaves and flowers are offered to lord Hanuman on Saturdays. It gives out poisonous latex which tiger butterflies feed on.

4) Pongal oil tree or karanj:

The seeds of this tree are used to extract biofuel. The leaves in the photo are infected by gall insects that live and lay eggs inside the leaves.



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