14 Augest, 2019
Nature Club visits the organic market
-Mater Sohail Sheikh-IXE

Fifteen students of Don Bosco High School’s Nature Club visited the organic market located in central Mumbai at 9.30am on 10th August 2019 along with the teacher in-charge Miss Yugandhara Kaskar.
The students observed different varieties of Rice. The shopkeepers acted as ‘guides’ throughout the visit. They explained the conduct of ‘Kombucha’ which is rich in probiotics. The students saw different fruits such as ‘Himachal Apples’ which were green inside as they were raw. The students learnt that fruits must be consumed as soon as they are cut and shouldn’t be stored in refrigerators. The shopkeepers enthusiastically showed different types of seeds like the seeds of flowers, fruits, vegetables, etc. The most appealing observation during the entire visit was different types of vegetables like red bananas which are different from vegetables that are sold in city markets. They also introduced ‘Cantora’, a wild fruit which belongs to the family of ‘Bittergourd’. The students were in awe of the organic guavas that were bigger than the guavas seen in market. The organic gourds are snake-shaped and therefore known as ‘snake gourds’. The shopkeepers shared facts about the micro-organisms that live symbiotically. Surprising facts like microbes in one teaspoon are thrice more than the number of human beings on the earth came to light. A detailed explanation was provided about the organic farming i.e. ‘farm care’. Cow dung can be the organic fertilizers; an introduction of microbes to loosening of the soil for the aerobic respiration induces fertility in the soil.
In a nutshell, the excursion to the organic market was a splendid learning experience for the students.

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