3 December, 2017

Nature Club Seminar – ‘Managing your waste’

– By Ms. Nadar Ranjitham Selvaraj

The second nature club seminar for the academic year 2017-2018 was conducted by the resource persons Ms. Carol Pereira and Ms. Sonali from “Green-Line” organization on 21st Nov 2017 in the Conference hall of the school. They assisted the nature club members on the theme “Managing Your Waste”.

The seminar was conducted through video and activities which helped the students to understand how they can segregate the waste in school as well as at home and also made them realize the benefit of segregating the waste; as an individual and for the environment. During the session our nature club member Master Manprem Singh from Std. IX B presented the report on the task of the months of August and September through a PowerPoint presentation.

The following activities were to be conducted to make students understand the task for upcoming months.

Task for November:

Managing your waste in school.

Form a team that constantly monitors the waste generated in school.

Task for December:

To spread awareness against littering through creative ways and create a cleaner surrounding.

This seminar made our students reflect on the fact that it’s our responsibility to separate and manage waste than expect the government alone to address 10,000 tonnes of trash every day.

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