28 January, 2020
Nature club presentation on Open Day
-Student reporter-Arnav Jadhav 9 E.

Through the year, the Nature Club carries out exciting activities and encourages students to actively participate in them. The Club’s intent is to spread the message of conservation and raise consciousness amongst students via these activities.
On 18th Jan, 2020, the Open Day of the school, the Nature Club students of Don Bosco High School, Matunga conducted a presentation. It recounted all the activities conducted during calendar year 2019 that spread the message about various aspects related to pollution and its control. The presentation educated students and parents to plant trees and reduce pollution. Additionally, the message to encourage the use of paper bags instead of plastic bags was also given.
Students gathered at 8.30 am and started making paper bags which were sold for Rs. 5 each. It was a 3-hour activity starting at 9:00 am and was well executed. Over 10 students participated in these activities.

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