12 July, 2018
Nature Club engages in newspaper Garbage Bin Liner activity
Ms. Ranjitham Nadar

The nature club boys began with their first activity of the new academic year in keeping with plastic ban enforced in the state of Maharashtra. The teacher in charge of the nature club assisted 15 nature club boys of Stds. 8th and 9th on making garbage bin liner with newspaper. These students were then to be the resource persons in aiding the students of Stds. 5th and 6th to carry out same activity. The students of 5th and 6th were instructed earlier on Friday 6th July 2018 to carry with them the required materials for the activity on Saturday 7th July, 2018. During the zero and first periods on Sat 7th July two nature club boys demonstrated the activity to the students in each division and one nature club boy assisted the whole class. The nature club boys ensured that each student completed the task.
The students were enthusiastic to make for themselves the garbage liner and were eager to spread this awareness to their parents and neighborhood. A similar activity has now been planned for the students of the higher classes in the week ahead.