23 July, 2019
National Children’s Science Congress- Teacher’s training program
-Ms. Barkha Shah

The Education Department of Mumbai-Navnirman Vidnyan Prasodhan organized the NCSC teacher’s training program on Friday 19th July, 2019 at Vanita Vishram Primary School, Girgaon. The purpose of this program was to issue guidelines to teachers to prepare an effective research project and to provide the entire plan for the year.
At the start of the program, the teachers were addressed by Ms.Chandraprabha Sharma, CEO of an organisation named Samvarta Foundation. The aim of talk by her was to raise awareness on water crisis- ‘Race against Day zero-. Ms. Sharma said that the teachers are the hope to educate and inspire children and make them eco-conscious citizens of tomorrow.
The resource people then took charge and introduced the main theme:
Science, technology and Innovation for clean, green and healthy nation.
The sub themes are:
1) Ecosystem and ecosystem services
2) Health, hygiene and sanitation.
3) Waste to wealth
4) Society, culture and livelihoods
5) Traditional knowledge systems.
The children could work on different types of projects under these sub-themes; the steps in writing an effective project report were given.
The students of Don Bosco, Matunga were asked to present their winning project. The aim was to give the teachers an idea of how a national level project needs to be presented. Master Kyle Rozario and Master Geoffrey Nadar presented the project before the audience and it was appreciated by all.
The program ended with the distribution of NCSC booklets.

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