10 July, 2019

Nalanda Training Session-Primary section
-Ms Kashmira Rodrigues

“The book of nature is written in the language of Mathematic” -Galileo
The Nalanda Project is an in-class technology intervention which enhances the teaching of Mathematics. It empowers the students to take charge of learning and allows the teacher to effectively deliver classroom instructions. The teachers of Std III and IV had an orientation session conducted by Ms. Varsha Vishwanathan and her Nalanda team on July 9,2019 in the Primary School Building for an hour to help and encourage independent learning with personalized support. It was an interactive session with hands on experience. Ms. Varsha explained the procedures to set up the class with the help of the laptop and tenda, use of content, steps involved in creating a new lesson, grouping of students and checking of lesson report. The queries of the teachers were resolved by the team which encouraged the teachers to actively participate during the session. The Nalanda program in the classrooms for this academic year begins on July 10 for Std III and July 15 for Std IV. The session ended leaving the teachers to think-Pure mathematics is the world’s best game and it can be played anywhere.

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