24 September, 2019
Nalanda Equality team visits the school
-Mr. Nelson D’Souza

Nalanda Project is in its second year at Don Bosco, Matunga. The project aims to improve Maths through specifically designed module. Here each student is provided with a tab and exercises based on the syllabus are given to the students. Here the teacher monitors the progress of each and every student that s/he deals with and this procedure also helps with auto-correction. The Nalanda Project is presently for students from Stds. 3 to 6.
Nalanda team along with their Equality Team visited the school on 23rd September, 2019 to view the progress of the project in the school and also receive feedback on the procedures and systems followed in the implementation of this program in the classrooms.
Mr Devon Rueckner the product Development leader and his team from California and Mumbai had a dialogue with Fr. Principal and teachers engaged in Nalanda from the primary and the secondary sections. Rev.  Fr. Bernard Fernandes Principal of the school sharing his views with the team said, “If Nalanda tool helps students in understanding the concepts in Mathematics clearly and also create a love for the subject in them, then we would have achieved much through this program in the school.” Fr. Bernard also added that aligning more the prescribed state syllabus with Nalanda will help the teachers reinforce what is taught in class.
The school staff and the faculty at Nalanda exchanged much positive feedback on this program and were happy that the students show keen interest in the learning of Mathematics through tabs. The visiting leader Mr. Devon was delighted to observe the students involvement, their respect for the teachers and the discipline in the classrooms.

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