14 February, 2020
Museum is a storage of information and knowledge-Field trip Jr Kg
-Mrs. Larissa Carvalho

A museum is a place of great interest. A visit to a museum is an education in itself. The children of Jr. Kg visited the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangralaya formerly known as Prince of Wales Museum on 1st February, 2020. The museum is situated amidst the lush green in the prominent part of the city. The well-maintained lawn, the space, the animal exhibits, the sprawling place and everything within were delightful.
The trip began with lots of enthusiasm and vigour. The boys visited the animal’s section of the museum which was an interesting place for the kids. This section showcased a large number of real stuffed animals. The carcasses of animals are rebuilt to appear as though live animals are present. This is the speciality of this museum. All the animals placed here are the ones we can see in the different eco system of India.
The exhibits were realistic and properly arranged. It was a visual delight for the boys in this section where they have replica of animals -domestic and wild animals, birds, reptiles and aquatic animals. In the aviary section, it was amazing to see the different species of birds and their nesting techniques. The boys were awe struck to see wild animals like tiger, leopard, hyenas, bison, deer etc in their habitats. The display of goat and sheep on the hilly terrain looked real to them. The boys were excited as they were exposed to the animals they learnt in class. They were overjoyed to see a variety of sea creatures and that too few of them so large in size. It was amazing to watch how it had an effect to the children’s interaction at the museum. They found it interesting to see the reptiles and insects in their natural habitat. The excitement of the boys was noticeable as they closely watched the snakes, their eggs and young ones. This enhanced their language, cognitive and aesthetic development and promoted curiosity. The boys were fortunate to watch a short workshop conducted on animal sound and texture. A few boys were dressed in animal costumes and were asked to enact the movements of these animals.
The visit allowed children to explore their environment and make new discoveries. It was an enriching and fun filled experience where learning happened through exploring. They took home the message of protecting animals for the world to stay beautiful and alive.

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