4 January, 2019
Mumbai, Oh! Mumbai, can we ever change you? Yes, we are definitely working on it!!!
-Master Aldon D’Souza Std. IX

The VJTI organized the Technovanza Fest on the 28th, 29th, 30th Dec 2018 and various institutes participated in it. A team of 5 students-Aldon D’souza, Jayden De souza, Arnav Sawant, Hussain Motiwala and Krish Fernandes along with their guide teachers Sir Manoj and Ms. Bindu from our school participated in the Bharathon Project. The issue in focus was- “How can we improve the quality of cities?”From the 30 schools all over the city, 9 were selected for the final round. We were now a part of the solution and not the pollution!!!
The topic we selected was “Solutions towards environmental pollution” as we were more inclined in that direction. On the D-Day only two students-Jayden and self-actually participated as the other 3 could not make it. We concentrated on the issues which we had practiced in reality and we had first-hand knowledge on it. We were thus able to answer all the queries of the judges due to our practical experience. Some of the solutions we had worked on were Green Roof terraces for the colony buildings, making of compost pits in the colony, use of bio – gas from garland flower waste and also use of solar panels in churches and schools like St. Michael’s, Mahim and Don Bosco, Matunga. Collection of MLP’s, making of eco-bricks and its benefits were explained in detail. We also explained that awareness-signature campaigns were conducted by the students. A Power-Point Presentation was conducted by us to illustrate our aims and objectives and also the work done by us. The judges were indeed impressed with our action and efforts towards environmental pollution in the city of Mumbai.
At the end of a long tiring day, our efforts were not in vain. The year ended on a very bright note when Don Bosco ,Matunga earned one more feather in its cap , as we were declared Runners- Up for the Bharathon Project!