11 January, 2018

Love Thy Environment

– Ms. Tejashree Vesvikar & Ms.Mohini Goshi

Beyond Academics conducted a fun-filled workshop on ‘Love Thy Environment’ for the students of Std. 2 on Jan 2 and 8, 2018 to create an awareness about our environment. The workshop began with a small introduction given by Ms. Labdhi and Ms. Nikita along with their co –members. Resource persons of Beyond Academics used videos and power point presentation to create awareness and provide information about the importance of keeping our environment clean.

The children enthusiastically sang a thought provoking song on ‘Going Green’ which showed them three ways to manage waste i.e. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. They learnt a simple way to segregate waste by using two separate dustbins using the tags ‘wet waste’ and ‘dry waste’. They also learnt the method to prepare compost.

The children participated in interesting and fun-filled games which enabled them to know about the time taken by the waste materials for degradation. The team explained to the students how to reduce waste by reusing and recycling things that we use in our daily lives through an activity of creating a wonderful new article. The children got a hands-on experience of creating such articles by using an old CD to prepare wall hanging. Each child was provided with the materials and they prepared them beautifully. The team even provided the materials and explained to the children how to pot a plant. Sai quoted, “The most interesting part of the workshop was to pot a plant and I really enjoyed it”.  At the end, the team conducted a quiz for the students and rewarded them with super hero badges.

In another healthy living activity, the students of Std. I celebrated Salad Day on 9th Jan 2018 to bring about an awareness on the importance of fruits and vegetables in our diet. They were provided inputs into the preparation of fruits’ salad. Some nutritive tips regarding the topic were also given. The children enjoyed themselves and shared the fruit salad prepared by them with their peers.