15 January, 2019
Swaach Bharat
-Mrs. Colleen Azavedo

“The clean person is not the one that runs away from dirt but one who takes the time and efforts to tidy-up a dirty environment.”
The students of Don Bosco Primary Section observed Swachh Bharat day on January 13, 2019.Charts were displayed in the classrooms and corridors in keeping with the theme. The students took a pledge to look after their surroundings and keep the place clean. The class teachers had a discussion in their classrooms and explained to the students the importance of cleanliness- not only personal cleanliness but cleanliness all around them. They then marched in and around the campus shouting slogans, “Clean India, Green India”, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”, etc.
Returning back to class, the students were engaged in a drawing competition on the theme of the day viz. cleanliness.
“Swachh Bharat day should be carried out not only one day in a year but 365 days”, says Aayan Thakkar of Std. 4D. We can say that we are taking great strides in this direction. Such activities as Swacch Bharat day can only speed up the process and galvanize our students to effective action in the society that they live in.

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