Monsoon Magic Empowered Virtually-Std. I to IV
Mrs. Christy Jagdish

Rain makes everything beautiful!
Indeed, it has also beautified the online classes of the Primary Section. The first drops of rain and petrichor sensed bring a smile on our faces and joy in our hearts. Amidst the incessant lockdown, to acknowledge this blessed gift of the monsoons from God, Monsoon Magic Week was celebrated from 10th to 15th August, 2020. The Head Teacher along with the teachers planned the downpour of activities like worksheets, PPT, Videos and H5P to be done during this wet week.
It is said that ‘Rainy season is the most amazing season of the year’. Don Bosco Primary School always walks an extra mile to drench our young Boscoites with facts of monsoon. Teachers dispensed a detailed power point presentation on monsoon through the Google meet platform prepared by Ms. Sonia Kasare and Monsoon Magic worksheets were posted in the Google classroom. Our little pluviophiles were also thrilled with informative videos on ‘Places to Visit during monsoon in India’ and ‘Water Cycle’.
Rain makes the flower grow, so goes the saying. It also made our little champions grow smarter and creative through various monsoon activities. In spite of the fact they missed to decorate their classroom notice board with rainy creatures they enjoyed each and every day of “Monsoon Magic Week” with the hope that ‚ÄúThere will be clear skies after every pouring rain and they will come to school once again”.
Experiencing the showers of blessings, Master Rezin David, student of 3 A quipped, “I learnt how rain is formed, uses and sources of rain. I also miss the mouth watering street food of monsoon”. Miss. Nerissa D’Britto, a newly appointed teacher in the Primary section, commented, “It was a unique experience to celebrate Monsoon Magic Week for the first time in Don Bosco Primary School, Matunga. It was a joyful learning experience for all the students.

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