11 August, 2019
-Ms. Kashmira Rodrigues

A Single Gentle Rain Makes The Grass Many Shades Greener.
As the city bathes itself with the cool and refreshing raindrops after the hot sweltering days of summer, the students of Don Bosco Primary Matunga welcomed the monsoon with open arms by celebrating Monsoon Week from 6th August to 10th August 2019. The class display boards and corridors were decorated with appealing slogans and pictures prepared by the students thus creating awareness among the students about water and its judicious use.
To make teaching learning a joyful experience for the learners, the teachers decided to include a variety of happy activities for the students. The week began with the children grooving to the tune of catchy rain songs- ‘Singing in the Rain’, ‘I love the Rainy Night’ which were enacted with glee and cherubic expressions. Significant brain storming discussions were held in the respective standards on the importance of rain, how it affects the environment, water-cycle, the destruction caused due to heavy rains etc. The children watched videos on rain water harvesting techniques as water is one of the fastest depleting natural resource in current times.
The entire week comprised engaging craft activities such as a frog on a lily pad, a rainbow collage, writing on the cut out of an umbrella, the effects of heavy rain and scanty rainfall and vocabulary related to monsoon on water drops. Interesting work-sheets consisting of puzzles, drawings and colouring activities were an enthusiastic learning journey for all, as the magic of the children changed the myth of the gloomy monsoon to a pleasant and contented experience. ‘Without the rain there would be no rainbow,’ said Shafin Lobo student of Std IV D.

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