11 July, 2017

MIND YOUR MANNERS – A session by ‘Beyond Academics’ for Std. III

-Ms. Mural Rebello.

Manners are an important part of human nature and life. Good manners earn you respect and dignity. Good manners lead to good habits and gradually help in the development of individual growth and the society at large..

Keeping in mind the importance of manners in today’s era, Don Bosco Primary School adopted a programme called “MIND YOUR MANNERS” conducted by the team of Beyond Academics for the boys of Std. III on 10th and 11th of July 2017. Using a power point presentation the students learnt the importance of magic / polite words in life and to avoid the rude words and behavior in all respect.

Brief stories about being courteous, importance of silence when the teacher teaches in class, the friendly way for borrowing and sharing their belongings, manners at school, playground and supermarket were dealt with great seriousness. Children worked in groups to brainstorm responses to the questions put to them with regards to respect and manners. They also created a poster having list of ideas of other manners that could be used at various places. The posters were displayed on the notice boards of the classrooms.

All the boys participated with great zeal and enthusiasm. The poster activity and discussions about manners created a positive environment. The students were also encouraged to write any three good manners which they would follow this year.  As a follow up session, the students will be asked to visit a supermarket and share their experience with their friends in class. The students will also be evaluated on the manners at the playground and awards will be presented at a special ceremony on 25th of July 2017.

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