20 December, 2015

-Ms Ashwini Gupte

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The ‘Simple joys bring laughter in big measures’ themed annual Christmas Fest was celebrated with unbridled enthusiasm at Don Bosco High School, Matunga on Dec. 18 and 19. The school wore a festive look, appearing in fact, to be a 21st century version of the oratory of our patron saint, Don Bosco, as the boys congregated all over the secondary section, working tirelessly in groups, preparing for the various activities. The spirit of Christmas brings forth the spirit of giving, of sharing with the less fortunate, and our students also worked hard to be of service to others, by raising proceeds in aid of a worthy cause.

The Christmas festivities included a plethora of team building exercises, as all the events involved grouping of students house-wise, across classes V to X. Making the stars, Christmas trees and cribs, as also the carol singing ensured a truly Christmassy ambience. A Christmas skit giving the message of love and reaching out to those in need sent out the real meaning of Christmas, as did the message given by Rev. Fr. Rector. The mega entertainment involved the vibrant and lively dance contests- a Pantomime, ‘Festive dance’, ‘All the right moves’ and ‘Dancercize’, to name a few. ‘Bosco Goes Live’ was the platform for all budding musicians to flaunt their talent. The cherry on the cake, the highly anticipated ‘Bosco King’ competition was followed by the arrival of the most beloved of all young children, Santa Claus himself!

The Christmas spirit being truly in the air, the school was almost magically transformed into a place of joy, of love and bonding, of sharing and caring, a place to forget all worries and renew our strength, everything that Christmas is all about!

Wishing you all a meaningful Christmas and a happy 2016!