-Ms. Reena Louis

On 24th September, 2020, Thursday, a session MITRA (MIND IN TRAINING FOR RIGHT AWARENESS) was conducted on meditation to help educators, adults and students stay concentrated in studies, day-to-day chores and help keep the mind active throughout the day. The program was an incentive by the Government of Maharashtra and Vipassana Research Institute.
The teacher instructor of the session was Guruji Satya Narayan Goenka from Vipassana. He directed our minds without chanting mantras or music. In this process, silence was the key to everything. He gave a minute break between each session and asked to revive ourselves and come back. He would use the technique of breathing i.e. to inhale and exhale and take charge of one’s breathing without getting distracted. He said that meditation helps sharpen the memories, drives away nervousness and helps stay focused.. There were students and teachers and people from different designations who shared their experience in the Vipassana.
The program was attended by ten teachers from Std. 5 and 6 section. We completed the feedback form provided by the centre and returned enriched by this experience.

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