28 September, 2016

– Ms. Lakshmi Krishna

greenline28sept-02 greenline28sept-01

The Greenline team held its second session with the nature club members of  Don Bosco High School, Matunga on 27th September 2016 in the conference hall.  Fr. Savio Silveira along with his Greenline team reflected on the ways in which water is wasted, polluted, etc. The session mainly focused on various water sources and reservoirs of the city which the club members were not aware of. Students came across a number of unknown statistics and startling facts. Fr. Savio shared his  experiences with the students. An awareness among the students was created through presentations that focused on the theme for the year. The club members were assigned tasks accordingly. For the coming month, the students were asked to complete the task of calculating the water footprint of the festivals we celebrate.

The students could calculate an individual’s water footprint with the tools and calculators available on the website www.waterfootprint.org.