23 August, 2019
Maths Speed Test Seminar
-Ms. Angel Chellaperumal

On 22nd August, 2019 a seminar was conducted by Mr. Sunil Sharma-Speed Math Expert and Trainer for the students of Std VII of Don Bosco High School, Matunga, in the conference hall. Mr. Sunil has conducted almost 120 such sessions across Maharashtra. 150 students from Std VII and 3 teachers attended the seminar. The session was about learning Maths in a fun and innovative way. The motto was to remove fear and the misguided concept of Maths which students often have. Mr Sunil spoke about the need to focus and understand the questions in Maths. Boys were divided into two groups and activities like puzzles, quiz and mathematical games were conducted. The boys accepted the challenge to speak out the even numbers from 1-50 in reverse order and completed the task in 11 seconds, which was truly commendable. Mr. Sunil encouraged the boys with simple and creative ideas to solve the mathematical problems. He explained multiplication in a short period of time. Boys were given worksheets to complete, using the methods they learnt during the session. Students shared their views and thoughts about the session. It was an exciting and enriching experience for the students and teachers.

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