4 March, 2020
Marathi Divas-Secondary Section
-Mrs. Reshma Belgaonkar

Marathi Language Day is celebrated on February 27 every year across the Indian states of Maharashtra and Goa. This day is regulated by the State Government. It is celebrated on the birthday of eminent Marathi Poet Kusumagraj.
The Marathi Divas was celebrated in our school on 28th February 2020. A beautiful rangoli at the entrance initiated the celebration that was to follow. The day began with a meaningful talk by Mrs Reshma highlighting the importance of the day and Marathi as a language.
An elocution competition was then conducted in the gym after the short break with Stds. 5,6,7 as the audience. After the preliminary rounds in the classrooms, the selected students of Stds 5-9 participated in the elocution competition. The topics given to them were as follows:
Std 5 and 6- Badbad geet. Simple songs
Std 7-Simple poem
Std 8- Story
Std 9- Poem of a higher level in Marathi literature.
The speakers rendered their pieces with ease and excellence. They were very much appreciated by the judges and the audience.
The meticulous planning and coordination ensured the smooth running of the day and everyone left with a love for Marathi.

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