27 February, 2016

Marathi Diwas 27Feb (7) Marathi Diwas 27Feb (51)

The birth anniversary of the reknowned Marathi poet V. V. Shirwadkar, fondly called ‘Kusumagraj’ is celebrated in the state of Maharashtra to encourage young students to cultivate love and respect for Marathi, the state language. We too were a part of the celebrations at Don Bosco’s on February 27, as the Marathi department organized a number of interesting activities to take us through their special day.¬†Through her morning talk, Mrs. Hemangi Sawant, H.O.D., enlightened us about the rich language and culture. A delightful choral recitation by students from classes V to VII came next, after which the Principal, Rev. Fr. Bernard Fernandes surprised everyone by speaking to us in impeccable Marathi about Kusumagraj. The afternoon saw an inter school elocution competition being conducted in the school, with participants of standards VIII and IX from 19 different schools of the F/N ward. We enjoyed listening to them as they recited poems of Kusumagraj and Padgaonkar. Rev. Fr. Rector and Rev. Fr. Principal then declared the winners and certificates were awarded to the winners.¬†The results were as follows- First place winner- Shubham Dhuri from D.P.Y.A. High School, Second place winner- Prachi Garate from Sitaram Prakash High School, Third place winner- Komal More from C.G.S.E. school and the Fourth place winner- Akanksha Chavan from Shiv Shikshan School.¬†Congratulations to all the participants and a ‘Well Done’ indeed to the Marathi department!