Don Bosco High School

Matunga, Mumbai

27th February, 2016


                                           Ms Kashmira Rodrigues

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Marathi Bhasha Divas was celebrated on 27th February in the Primary Section. Prior to this day the classrooms were suitably decorated with charts, poems, sayings in Marathi. The teachers and students along with the parents designed colourful rangoli patterns. Ms. Blossy gave a talk on the importance of the day’s celebration. Marathi Divas is celebrated in honour of the famous Marathi poet ‘Kusumagraj’.  The students viewed power point presentations, videos of  famous Maharashtrian authors, poets, culture, art etc . They enjoyed learning new songs and poems. Marathi Elocution Competition was conducted for the students of Std III and IV. The students recited short, humorous poems in Marathi. Their diction was noteworthy. It was indeed a colourful and joyous celebration of Marathi Diwas!