28 February, 2019
Marathi Bhasha Divas Primary Section
-Ms. Blossy D’Silva

“Marathi Bhasha Divas” was celebrated on February 27, 2019 in Don Bosco Primary section, Matunga. The day was organized by the Marathi Teachers. A day prior all the classrooms were beautifully decorated with charts on Marathi language and pictures of great poets were displayed.
The day began with the morning assembly followed by a prayer in Marathi. Mrs. Blossy D’Silva gave an inspiring talk giving a glimpse of the culture of our beloved state of Maharashtra. Marathi Bhasha Divas is celebrated in honour of Vishnu Waman Shriwadkar, the famous Marathi poet also known as Kusumagraj.
Students of Std I to IV were shown short moral stories, poems in Marathi. “Marathi Geete” was sung. In particular, “Chandoba Chandoba and Nach re Mora” songs added joy to the celebrations. Marathi Elocution competition was organized for the students of Std. III and IV. All the boys participated in the competition and the finalists recited their poems well. Mrs. Smita Kendre, Mrs.Shewta Shelke and Mrs. Vrushali Manjrekar were invited as judges. Students were judged according to the set criteria.
Winners were declared at the end of the competition by the head teacher Mrs. Griselda Fernandes of the primary section. Certificates were awarded. The programme concluded with a vote of thanks.

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