20 July, 2020
Manners Matter Week
-Ms. Vailena Dsouza

Many people are educated; few are well-mannered
‘Manners maketh a Man’ is the sole determining factor in distinguishing the wheat from the chaff. Taking cognizance of this universal truth, Don Bosco Primary School always celebrates Courtesy Week at the very beginning of every new academic year to ensure that each student emerges from school a courteous, well-mannered child.
This year, undeterred by the imposed lockdown, the teachers forayed into online teaching and conducted the ‘Manners matter’ week inculcating in the children the values and benefits of being well mannered – at home, school and in the outside world. From the 13th-18th July, 2020, the teachers of the Primary Section, along with the Head Teacher, devised creative and innovative ways of celebrating the ‘Manners Matter Week’ to ensure that students don’t miss out on this important learning.
It is said that a man’s manners are a mirror in which he shows his portrait. How true! And manners being a habit – forming, cultivating and practising good manners then assume paramount importance. Partnering with parents to guarantee that good manners are instilled in students, the teachers posted videos, songs, power-point presentations, worksheets, colouring activities and other interesting H5P activities online on desirable behaviour. Besides teaching them the mandatory magic words and their usage, a new addition was the teaching of ‘Netiquette’, a code of polite behaviour to be followed when one is online. This netiquette listed out the appropriate behaviour one is expected to follow while on the internet. It was an extremely helpful eye opener, not only for the students but also for the parents since they attend meetings online, as working online from home has now become the new normal. The students thoroughly enjoyed engaging in these activities as is noticeable from the photographs posted by them to their respective class teachers.
The father of Master Philip Benjamin of Std II A, voicing the opinion of all parents, said that he`s very grateful to the school for placing so much importance on the cultivation of good manners because in the outside world this is the only thing that will reflect the upbringing and affect the personality of a child.
Summing up, it will not be wrong to say-Good Manners bring fame and respect while bad manners bring you defame and shame. Hence, choose wisely!

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