30 June, 2019

Manners Matter Week-Good Manners are your Beauty
-Ms. Richa Singh

Courtesy means being polite, kind, respectful towards others and it is very important for effective communication. A courteous person is able to create a good impression of himself/herself and respect follows spontaneously. This is essential for anybody who desires to progress in life. With this in mind the students of the Primary section celebrated Manners Matter Week from 24th to 29th June, 2019. The classrooms and corridors were suitably decorated with quotes and pictures.
To inculcate and reinforce this quality in the students, the teachers planned various activities and discussions with the students. The song ‘Two little magic words’ helped the students of Std II to understand the importance of being courteous and it is one of the ways to strengthen their bond with people around them. The students of Std IV learned more about table and travel etiquette which one needs to keep in mind and follow regularly. They prepared a book-mark with words of courtesy decorated on it which would serve as a constant reminder of words they need to use in daily life. The students of Std I and III learned that their five little fingers could create magic as each finger represented one courtesy word and when they all come together, we have a gentleman who is a true Boscoite. Kindness and manners are there for free, and it is up to us to pick up these qualities and move on in life.

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