9 October, 2019
Love the Animals Day
-Ms. Alareen Fernandes

According to Mahatma Gandhi, the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. Love the Animals Day was celebrated with much enthusiasm by the students of Std. I to IV on October 4, 2019 to be aware about the animals and their importance.
There was a display of charts in all the classrooms and corridors to enhance learning on this day. Each class teacher conducted the following for the students in their classroom-discussion, a song and an activity. The students viewed videos, power point presentations on the rare species of the animal kingdom and completed worksheets consisting of puzzles, drawing and colouring activities. The children participated whole-heartedly in the classroom discussion. They were instructed on the different categories of animals, their uses as well as their importance in the ecology. The children spoke on ways to help prevent the endangered species of animals from extinction. They wore animal masks and said a few sentences on their favourite animal. The children exhibited great craft work through their collage work on animals. They happily brought along a picture of their favourite animal to write a few sentences on it.
Through this entire exercise, the children learnt to be compassionate to animals. They have promised to be kind and care for the animals, expressed Ms. Shahnaaz Abbas, teacher in the Primary section. “I enjoyed doing the activity in class,” said Ritesh Dash, student.

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