Love the Animals Day
-Ranjana Bhandare

Animals are like little angels sent to earth to teach us how to love.
To inculcate the values of love and kindness towards animals in children, the Primary Section of Don Bosco High School, celebrated Love the Animals Day on the 28th of September, 2020, on the Google Meet virtual platform. The day was celebrated to create awareness about animal welfare and protection, to educate students about the role of animals in our lives and to generate a sense of responsibility towards these mute beings.
Keeping the above reasons in mind, the teachers celebrated this day by conducting myriad activities. In Std I, the class teachers showed the students a PPT on how to take care of animals. The students had to make a frog using paper, glue, etc, and lastly they did an interesting activity worksheet.
The students of Std II watched videos showing the different kinds of land, water & air animals, needs of animals and taking care of them. They also learnt about animal uses. The students were shown a moving PPT on animal poaching & animal abuse. For their craft activity, they had to create any one animal they liked from the video shown to them using material easily available at home, in addition to an activity worksheet & learning a song on Kindness to animals.
In addition to learning an action song & watching videos on the importance of animals, what was very commendable was that the teachers of Std III along with the students took a pledge to save animals. The teachers made students do a collage of their favourite animal, engaged them in an interesting game and also did an activity worksheet.
The students of Std IV were also shown a PPT on different kinds of animals, their homes, sounds, young ones and the different organisations that take care of wild animals. The class teachers taught the boys to make an animal paper bag using animal cut-outs. Lastly, the students did the mandatory activity worksheet which helped reinforce the matter done and learnt in class.
“Today’s Love the Animals Day created a lot of awareness among the boys. Making the animal paper bag was amazing. I got a lot of information on how animals protect themselves,” said Haumalsawm Kuptong, Std IV A.
Aayush Sonawane, from Std II A expressed himself saying, “I enjoyed learning new words such as terrestrial, aquatic, aerial and amphibians, and was very sad to learn about animal poaching. I had a ‘whale’ of a time!” -a brilliant correlation of vocabulary and the day’s topic!
The motive of educating students about the significance of animals, especially in the ecological chain, stopping cruelty towards them, discouraging the conducting of any type of testing on animals and ensuring that they are protected from any type of danger was well accomplished through the celebration of Love the Animals Day.

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