Living on Hope-9A Virtual class assembly

-Master Rene Vaz (Student reporter 9A)

In the times of the pandemic, to be under lockdown by something unknown, unheard of, and unseen to the human eye is something that freezes our normal way of life. During these difficult times, it is HOPE that gives us a reason to live each day, looking for a better tomorrow. Therefore, our class 9A assembly theme was, “Learn from yesterday, Live for today, Hope for tomorrow.” Along with our class teacher, Mrs. Sushila D’Britto, we set about our task to plan, rehearse and execute the assembly.
On 9th September morning, we commenced our assembly with a prayer by Sir CliffRichard D’souza, followed by peaceful meditation by Miss Bela. We then had a meaningful prayer song which was sung by Saurabh. As the main focus of our assembly was on hope, Parv recited an optimistic poem that was befitting to the theme. To avoid misconception, we held a short Q & A session on the different myths and facts of COVID-19. Devam presented a heartwarming PPT on our frontline workers. Varun and Pratham then gave us a brief insight into enhancing our mental health, followed by the Pied-Piper of our class, Harsh, who gave us a soulful rendition on the flute. We then had a group of boys perform an entertaining dance performance for everyone present.
To conclude, Rev. Fr. Rector and Rev. Fr. Principal shared valuable thoughts on the COVID-19 situation, and how online education has benefited all of us. We then ended our assembly with hope in our hearts for a safer and brighter tomorrow.

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