16 July, 2018

Live a Colourful Life
-Ms. Pearl Lobo

Life is like a rainbow. You need both rain and sun to make its colour appear.
Sometimes all you need is a splash of colours.
The students of Std I celebrated LETS BE COLOURFUL DAY on 14th July 2018. The day began with an intriguing discussion on the relevance and importance of colours in our day to day life. The teachers taught them a song pertaining to colours i.e. Rainbow Song. Cutouts of the rainbow were than distributed to every child, and they were asked to stick cotton and use the appropriate colours to depict clouds. Charts and pictures were displayed in the classrooms and corridors that helped to enhance learning. The students were asked to complete a worksheet at the end of the day with all the happenings of the entire day. The tiny tots found this much easier and interesting, after all colours speak louder than words.