Little Astronauts Explore the Solar System Virtually-Std. III
Mrs. Christy Jagdish

Field Trips provide an opportunity to the students to enter into the world of mystical power.
It was a dream come true for the little astronauts of Std. III. They explored the solar system virtually on 3rd December, 2020. In the words of Fogarty, “Virtual Field Trips enable teachers to create as many authentic, experiential experiences as possible. These spatial memories are embedded in the brain and need no rehearsal.” In order to make this virtual field trip an out of the world experience for the children, the session was well planned and executed by teacher In-charge along with the Head Teacher of the Primary Section, Mrs. Griselda Fernandes.
The curiosity for the field trip was aroused a week before, wherein the students prepared a colorful astronaut mask for themselves. Our young boscoites were joyful to blast off in the sky holding the astronaut mask. Virtual Field Trip on Solar System was conducted through Google Meet Online Platform. The teachers exhibited a very informative power point presentation, songs and videos on the topic. A brief explanation was given on each planet with the help of lively images. The students were gazing at the planets in awe as they understood the facts of the Solar System. They were also excited to participate in the quiz on identifying the different planets of the solar system. The winners were awarded stars from their parents.
Creativity is intelligence having fun. The young and the energetic astronauts were then instructed to make the solar system with the help of paper cut-outs to boost their creativity. An inspiring video on Kalpana Chawla, the first woman of Indian origin who went to space was posted in the google classroom to encourage our little champs to aim high and bring great honor to our motherland.
This virtual field trip will be a memory to cherish by the students and the teachers of Std. III. Master Gavin Hughes of III A said, “I enjoyed each and every aspect of the Field Trip. It was an amazing experience”. Mrs. Alareen Rodrigues, the class teacher of III D quipped, “Along with the students, we the teachers too were excited for our first virtual field trip. With students wearing astronaut mask, it indeed gave us the feel of being in space. It was a great learning experience for us all.”

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