23 December, 2019
Ligh’, Love, Life: Eternal gifts of God
-Ms. Susan Philip

The second day of the Christmas Panorama held on December 19, gave the onlookers a panoramic view of what Christmas is all about. The view comprised a melding of playing games, competitions and the spirit of giving
Lest the cause of the panorama be eclipsed by mere fun filled activities, students of Std. VIII D in their assembly took the audience on a joyous journey. They trained the spotlight on the Don Bosco Waluj Centre that reaches out to villages in the hinterland of Maharashtra, reeling under severe drought, and the impoverished fishing community in Dungalpitiya, Srilanka. Mr.Joy Gonsalves, an entrepreneur cum philanthropist, a native of Srilanka and the protagonist in their presentation, dispenses his largesse to the people of the affected areas to better their quality of living.
Fr. Elson Baretto, the Administrator of the school, who had spent two years in Srilanka said that the proceeds raised would go to the Don Bosco centre at Dungalpitiya, which in turn would empower the centre to provide teachers to teach English to children who are only proficient in Sinhalese, to offer remedial classes, a recreation centre and the like. The Don Bosco centre at Waluj would be better equipped to provide infrastructure to address challenges arising from drought.
Fr.Crispino D’Souza, the Rector, in his Christmas message contrasted the Christmas gifts craved by a consumeristic society as against the eternal gifts provided by Jesus. He alluded to the story of creation from the book of Genesis. He narrated Biblical truths to drive home the historical fact, that the priceless gifts offered by Jesus: light, love and life, would never fade away.
The crowing of the Bosco King was a major attraction. “The Bosco king title is the holy grail every contestant seeks,” observed the compere. The twenty three contestants took up cudgels for a dying nature and environment and the audience witnessed a clarion call for action. Dressed in their novel best, the contestants presented different aspects of the environment. Eco must win over ego, save me from the axe, stop being greedy, don’t trash your future and we have only one mission, that is to hand over a healthy planet to the next generation, were some pithy statements made by the green contestants. The question posed to the finalists was from the Rector Major’s strenna for next year: What does it mean to be ‘good human beings’ and ‘upright citizens’? Chants of ‘Singh is King’ rent the air as Gurmehar Singh from XC was crowned as Bosco King. DhruvPanjuani, one of the judges for the contest, an alumnus of the school and a Bosco King himself had sound counsel for the contestants: “Be at ease. Being calm and composed can enable you to think better”
The fusion dance put by the students of StdIX was a blend of free style, contemporary and hip hop. The Zumba dance contest by Std. VII saw some fat to fit santas in the groove. The vivacious and energertic folk dances from Kashmir, Maharashtra, Assam and Gujarat, put up by Std. VI evoked some zestful cheering from the crowd. The young ones came as young girls and women, traditionally attired and adorned in fine jewelry and elaborate hairdos. The rhythm, poise and the graceful moves and sways of the dancers compelled the compere to remind the audience that they were indeed boys of the school performing without inhibitions.
The Principal Fr. Bernard Fernandes thanked the School Panorama committee for the meticulous planning and execution of the program. He also thanked the staff and other volunteers who worked silently to ensure a momentous Care-n-Share Christmas Panorama program.

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