-Ms. Bindu Keny

Some emphasize on a purpose or duties that are incumbent upon them, others believe in discovering themselves by engrossing with their passion-every other person reflects upon life and existence in a unique light. Yet these are ‘grim ideas’ we grown-ups mould out, jaded and beaten by loads of experiences, these are ways in which we try to fit into the ways of the world.
But how do children look at life? With the theme ‘LIFE IS PRECIOUS’, students from Std-8E voiced out their ideas of life at their online class assembly on 27th January 2021. While one sang his heart to vibe his “love for life”, a few spoke their minds. Another boy engaged the audience in a tale highlighting life’s worth. Each one offered a fresh and optimistic perspective.
Rev. Father Crispino D’Souza’s piece of advice for the kids- “Life is a precious gift from God, how we live is our gift to God. Life is like a wave, takes you to depths and heights- never despair and give up.”
Fr-Bernard appreciated incorporation of varied talents of all children in the assembly and wrapped up with a message for all “Value Life.”

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