Let’s ignite the lamp of hope-Class assembly Std. 9 F
-Prem Baraskar

In this period of pandemic, keeping hope was the only thing left in our hands. This formed the theme of our class 9F’s assembly, “Let’s ignite the lamp of hope.” The virtual assembly on 21st October 2020 commenced with a meditation session by Mrs. Perpetual Nazareth. The assembly began with the salutation to the people present; the two hosts Master Prem and Master Tanmay made us aware of the continuing destruction caused by this COVID-19.
The highlights of the assembly were: Interview with people at the forefront of the pandemic crisis who work with efficiency, dedication and much sacrifice; debate on ‘impact of lockdown on the world’; dance to the tune ‘Muskuraega India’ which celebrated the spirit of people in this course of testing time; and reflection by some students on things learnt and done during the pandemic. There were two songs sung by Master Kavya and by Master Nakul Parelcha. This marked the conclusion of the presentation of the assembly.
In the credits, we wish to make a special mention of the class teacher Sir Rajesh Tripathi and Mrs. Sarita Chaubey for conceptualization and direction and to Master Vibhas Jadhav for helping us with the editing of the presentation. Fr.Bernard Fernandes, our Principal and the other staff members present congratulated us for the efforts in staging this virtual class assembly-the last of the virtual assemblies in the Std. 9 and 10 section.

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