12 September, 2017

Let’s get Creative

-Ms. Cleffy D’Souza

 A simple act of moulding clay can prove to be very calming for a child or an adult. In order to encourage creativity, develop motor skills and express their emotions, a clay modeling competition was organized for the students of Std I and II on 11th September 2017. Nursery Rhymes for Std I, and Animals and their surroundings for Std II were the topics assigned to the children, and these topics were given much in advance to allow time for better preparation. The students were given about an hour and half to complete their models. They were very excited as it was a fun learning activity. Students were rolling, shaping, squeezing and forming the clay to make models. This gave the students an opportunity to develop their creativity and confidence, and it was amazing to watch them create their models with clay. This activity was indeed an enjoyable and a hands-on experience for the children.