Let us all breathe free
-Student reporter Swastik (VIII E)

The Nature Club of Don Bosco High School, Matunga began the academic year with its first activity on 15th of July 2019 by spreading awareness in the school about the increasing air pollution. Aldon D’Souza from X F addressed the school over the intercom to work together to save the planet.

The group sensitized the students of the secondary section about the ill effects of air pollution and the different methods of preventing and controlling it, through a video presentation in every class.

The video focused on the ill effects of closed windows, doors, burning candles, spraying air fresheners, growing of mould, etc. Representative from each class was asked to pen down their opinions.
Few are mentioned below:
-We must use products which do not harm the environment.
-Indoor air pollution is causing respiratory problems, which are proving fatal.
– We should let fresh air in.
– Our responsibility to create change and make a difference.
This activity has set the stage and provided the necessary impetus within the school to create awareness about the issues of air pollution.

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