20, June, 2020

-Ms. Cleffy D’Souza

We strive to spend each day being positive, creative, exciting and enthusiastic, no matter what the future holds for us.
As William Shakespeare reminds us in his quote-Our potential is infinite.
The teachers of the Primary Section were all set to welcome the kids virtually. The students of the Primary section began their online class in the month of June 2020. Teachers and students were excited to explore this new platform for teaching and learning. The sessions were planned meticulously to help students learn. Teachers were thrilled to prepare videos and slides to welcome them. Many students expressed their longing to attend school. Due to the pandemic, although schools are shut; learning never stops.
This pandemic has taught the teachers and students a way to learn and gain knowledge out of their comfort zone. The effort put into this is a two way street and we are glad that no matter what the situation the spread of knowledge never stops at Don Bosco Matunga. We strive to make the best of every situation. No matter how long, we’re awaiting the day we get to greet our students at school again!

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