‘Learning, Unlearning, Surviving, Thriving’
-Ms Jansi Dharamraj

‘Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.’- Theodore Roosevelt
A Zoom online session on ‘Learning, Unlearning, Surviving, Thriving’ was conducted by the Team Prafulta for the teachers of Don Bosco High School,Matunga on 12th December, 2020 from 9:15am to 10:15am. Fr. Ajoy Fernandes, the director of ‘Prafulta’ along with his team of speakers Dr. Payal Ubale, an occupational therapist, Ms. Srilatha Srikant, counselling psychologist, Dr. Fabian Almeida, a psychiatrist and Ms. Divya Nair, a clinical psychologist were the resource people for the session.
Fr. Bernard Fernandes, the Principal led the whole gathering into a meaningful prayer. Fr. Ajoy extended a warm welcome to all present and also introduced the speakers for the day. Fr. Bernard Fernandes, Vice Principal Sir Cliffrichard D’Souza, A.H.M Ms Christina Mascarenhas, and the supervisors Ms Reshma Balgoankar,Ms Anita Philip and Ms Elizabeth Soares along with the teacher and non teaching staff of pre-primary, primary and secondary section were present for the session.
The first session by Dr Payal Ubalestressed on ‘Learning,’ i.e. adapting to new surroundings as adaptation is the key to success in life. A teacher must take care of herself/himself during this pandemic with regards to exercise of body and vocals. Also students with learning disability must be given special attention by conducting online games and seek ways to grab their attention. Practical exercises were also conducted for the teachers.
The next speaker Ms. Srilatha Srikant focused on ‘Unlearning,’ which means confronting and moving beyond previously held beliefs, assumptions and values. Since the lockdown began, we have had to make changes in our thought processes and lifestyle. As we’ve had to learn, unlearn and relearn several things. Change seems to be the only constant during this pandemic. One needs to let go of the need for certainty, let go of the illusion of control, let go of resistance and let go of self- absorption.Be Realistic- And Human! This was highlighted during this session.
The third speaker, Dr Fabian Almeida spoke about ‘Surviving,’ that one needs to be closely connected with their family members and near and dear ones. ‘Hope’ and ‘Trust’are needed for every individual to survive. We don’t just need to survive but add meaning to life. And maintain a positive attitude to have a healthy mind as miracles happen everyday.
The final speaker Ms Divya Nair concentrated on ‘Thriving’ in her talk. One needs to live better, live better and not just survive. Passion and accomplishment to find the best version of oneself. Everyday write down three things that you do well in your life. Fill your life with pleasure and give yourself permission to enjoy by being mindful and slowing down in life. Welcome and embrace change, as change is constant. Change is a powerful tool to help you grow and learn. Inner peace is required to focus on who you are and love what you do.
The session ended with an online game for the teachers.
Fr. Ajoy thanked Fr Bernard and all the teachers for their valuable time. Fr Bernard expressed his gratitude to Fr. Ajoy and the team for their meaningful and enriching session for the staff. Ms Elizabeth Soares, the supervisor thanked the team and the school management for a very useful session.
“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour and some style.” -Maya Angelou

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