16 February, 2018

Learning through the medium of theatre- The English One Act Plays

-Ms. Ashwini Gupte

Student theatre.  Arguably the most entertaining method of education. Certainly a place to challenge and experiment. The English Department explored drama through the staging of one act plays by each of our four houses in the D.B.I.S.’s Bianchi Hall.

We became acquainted with novel retellings of an ancient Greek classic and a medieval French tale. We also had incisive statements being made about today’s society. The plays we witnessed left us with no little food for thought.

The Yellow House with ‘It’s a beautiful world’ hit home the uncomfortable truth of the earth being depleted of its resources, the result of human apathy reaching new lows. With the situation escalating out of control, the students stressed the urgency of collaboration in our efforts to re-cover the lost green.

With their version of ‘The Beauty and the Beast’, the Blue House transported us to the oft-told tale of the fiercely independent Bella, the maiden taken prisoner by the beast of the enchanted castle; yet with a strikingly modern twist.

The Red House introduced us to interactive theatre with a parody of Homer’s Iliad. ‘The Hysterical History of the Trojan War’ demonstrated the shenanigans of the Greek gods, resulting in the doomed love affair of Helen, (she of the ‘face that launched a thousand ships’ fame) and Prince Paris of Troy. We also observed the infamous ‘Trojan Horse’ treachery that decimated Troy.

The Green House presented a reflection of the lifestyle of today’s youngsters, trapped as they continue to be within the wily tentacles of social media. Their message, ‘Life is a precious gift divine, not meant to be wasted online!’

The Green house were adjudged winners, with the Red coming in a close second and the third place was a tie between the Yellow and Blue houses. Master Neel Bhatia 8D (Green House) bagged the best actor (male role) for playing the role Facebook, while Master Prince Parmar 7D (Red House) received the best actor (female role) for excelling in the role of Helen.