20 July, 2018

Leadership comes in CANS
Mrs Elizabeth Soares

The dates 18th and 19th July 2018 will be etched in the memories of the members of the Student Council for a long time having attended a memorable leadership camp at the picturesque Don Bosco Lonavla. It was an opportunity provided to them to discover the leader in themselves and grow as effective leaders by discovering the CANS in their life. 39 students attended the camp accompanied by Fr.Roy and the staff members, Mrs Daksha Tandel, Mrs Elizabeth Soares and Sir Nihal Salunkhe.
Rev. Fr. Rector of DB Lonavla, Fr.Valerian Pereira and the Vice-Principal Fr.Velasli Bandya were the camp animators and resource persons. They injected their love and expertise into their sessions to make the camp an enjoyable learning experience for the council members.
The camp sessions on each day accommodated spiritual and motivational inputs with inspiring videos on the presence of God in our life at every moment. The activities conducted during the day helped the student leaders realize the need of team spirit and acceptance of self with ones weaknesses and strengths. The session on 10 fantastic words helped in understanding the positive and negative effects of words on a leader. Importance of listening, planning, making optimum use of the resources at hand and involving everyone were the other points that were highlighted. The students were also taught to discern and discover whether they were creative or reactive leaders. Having discovered their leadership styles, they depicted the difference of the two styles by staging impromptu two minute skits. The display of their skill at this art was appreciated.
An exciting moment at the camp was an invigorating trek to the hills and streams around the scenic surroundings of Tungarli. The expedition was led by the evergreen Fr Roy whose zest and energy rubbed off on the campers and the staff. The monsoon showers and the teasing mist added to the delightful experience.
The presence of our Rector Rev. Fr. Crispino DSouza and our Principal Rev.Fr.Bernard Fernandes on the second day of the camp was valuable and made the young leaders feel that they were loved and cared.
The camp concluded with the vote of thanks to the Rector of DB Lonavla Rev. Fr. Valerian and Fr.Valesly for the comfortable stay and for the enriching input sessions. The Student Council members are raring to go after having discovered a little more of the leader in them and thus take the school to greater heights!