13 July, 2019
-Mrs. Elizabeth Soares

The student council and the working committee of Don Bosco High School,Matunga with great enthusiasm journeyed to Don Bosco, Lonavala to attend the leadership camp scheduled for the 10th and 11th July 2019. The teachers who accompanied them were the vice-principal, Mr. Cliffrichard D’souza, Ms. Pauline Vallado, 5th and 6th standards supervisor, Mrs. Elizabeth Soares, the supervisor of standards 7th and 8th and Mr. Nehal Salunke, the physical training head teacher.The leaders enjoyed the journey and the comfort offered by the Don Bosco Lonavla administrator, Rev. Fr. Royal Dabre.
The camp began with an icebreaker that enabled the students to get to know each other in the council and to realize the need to stay focused. The next session conducted by Rev. Fr. Xavier was an outdoor session where they visited Maria Ashiyaana, a drug rehabilitation centre. The inspiring session made our leaders realize that they are called to serve with love and compassion and make a difference in the lives of others by reaching out to those in need.
The much awaited trek towards the picturesque Tungarli dam and beyond helped the boys stay relaxed and enjoy nature at its best. Another exciting session, after the thrilling trek was the viewing of the movie ‘INVICTUS’ (on the inspiring life of late Dr. Nelson Mandela) where Br. Alister helped the students reflect and realize that they were called to be humble leaders to serve in an extraordinary way.
The most enlightening session was the one on the school policies. This participative session was conducted by the Rector, Rev. Fr. Crispino D’souza and the Principal, Rev. Fr. Bernard Fernandes. This session dealt with the what, how and why of a policy. The leaders were further guided to get themselves acquainted with the different policies documented in the book.
The young leaders were grateful for the time spent together and returned home enriched ready to embark as a leader, making a difference!

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