24 September, 2017

Kg Activities – Transport Day and Singing Competition

-Ms. Lynette Remedios and Ms. Tasneem Ansari

The students of the Jr. Kg had their class event ‘ Transport Day’ on 13th September related to the topic for the month.  The students were prepared in advance for this activity through a note sent earlier on their hand books.  They were asked to bring a toy or a picture of a vehicle and speak four sentences on the picture brought by them. The class was divided in four groups indicating the different means of transport. Here they played and discussed the vehicles related to their groups.  The students were given messages for their parents on safety and speed. The children were very excited with the day’s activity, and had an enriching session to remember.

Singing Competition was held for the Sr. Kg. students on 22nd September 2017. This competition was held to enhance the singing skills, enrich the vocabulary and build self confidence in the children. An elimination round was held by the respective class teachers. The selected boys were part of the grand finale. These participants enjoyed singing on the microphone. The boys were judged on the basis of the choice of song, tune and memory. The boys who excelled in the competition were awarded prizes.

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