3 January, 2019
Kg Activities round up-a field trip and a Traditional Day
-Ms. Bianca Fernandes & Lynette Remedios

In the week leading to the Christmas vacation, a couple of activities were held to engage the students in syllabus related themes.
Based on the topic done in class the Jr Kg boys were taken on a field trip to see the different places of worship on 15th Dec 2018. Each class was accompanied by the class teacher and a parent. The drive through the city covered places like the mosque at Antop hill, Portuguese church at Dadar, a gurudwara, a temple and few other different places of worship. All along the way the bus driver brought the buses to a halt at noteworthy locations, so the teachers could draw the attention of the boys to the places of worship and thus stress the message of “Unity in diversity”. The teachers readily answered the various queries and doubts of the boys and the children returned home having learnt a lot more about our brothers and sisters of different faiths.
On 17th December, the Jr. Kg section had their traditional day. The children came dressed in their traditional attire which was very colourful and refreshing. They said 3 to 5 sentences on their attire. Some of these descriptions were very interesting and informative. For this, the students got a star from their teacher in their handbook. The delicious sweets that parents sent along with their wards were distributed to the children. Among these were some homemade goodies which the children enjoyed. They got a chance to taste something different from a variety of sweets served. The teacher explained to the children that even though they wore different clothes, spoke different languages and ate different foods they were still the same in her class and needed to be there for one another. The teacher also spoke on a few states of India that reflected the underlying theme of unity in diversity.

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