4 January, 2017

Kg Activities leading to Christmas

-Ms. Sandra Alhonso and Ms. Tasneem Jumai

Silver bells, Silver bells.

It’s Christmas time in the city.

Ring a ling hear them ring.

Soon it will be Christmas day.

The verse above from the Christmas carol ‘Silver Bells’ aptly describes the spirit of Christmas. The students of the Kg section had their share of Christmas fun and activities during the days leading to the Christmas vacation.

The boys of Sr Kg paid a visit to the Basilica of Our Lady of the Mount at Bandra. The Basilica is located on a hillock in a serene environment that makes it an ideal location for worship. The boys had an enjoyable ride singing Christmas carols and reciting poems. The boys assembled in front of the church admiring the architecture. Inside the church the boys were amazed to see the well lit altar and statues, the stained glasses, the antique furnishing, the wooden loft above and the wall paintings and carvings. The boys were made to sit in the front pews. They spent a moment of silence praying to the Divine seeking blessings. The decorated walls of the church depicted the story of Christmas. They were happy to understand the story with such creative pictures before them.

The boys then proceeded to Damien Furniture opposite Mehabob studio.The window display was creatively decorated with the theme of Christmas – the crib, Snowman Santaclaus, children riding on the sledges, Christmas tree and stockings full of toys. They were happy to see the Snowman and Santa Claus riding a vintage car. Their minds were replete with vivid imagination of Santa Claus and the snowman, The students returned with the spirit of Christmas, a new learning and spiritual experience.

The Sr. Kg. students also celebrated festival day as a class event. The children were asked to recite five sentences on a particular Festival, the topic for which was given earlier. They also came dressed related to the topic/festival given them. This event was celebrated to enhance the cognitive and communication skills of the children as also to bring an awareness of the unity in diversity in our country. The children got to learn

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