27 July, 2017

Kg Activities – I am special day and Cleanliness Day

-Ms. Quency Lobo and Ms. Sandra Alphonso

Our children are special, and we organize special events to make them feel so. Jr. Kg. students had their first class event -I AM SPECIAL on 24th July 2017. All the children were given an opportunity to come forward and express themselves before their classmates by telling their name, residence, favourite toy, colour and food. The students were very enthusiastic and their confidence was evident. Each one was appreciated and applauded by their classmates and teacher. They also enjoyed the activity related to the theme- printing and sticking their photo on the cut out of hand – which was taken home by them. The day ended by singing a song ‘I am special’.

Bits of papers

Lying on the floor

Makes the place untidy

Pick them up……

Cleanliness – that’s our virtue. The boys of Sr Kg celebrated cleanliness day on 22nd July 2017. To begin with the teacher narrated a story on cleanliness to the boys. Each child spoke three sentences on cleanliness-  cleanliness in the classroom, school, playground, school bus,  public places- railway station, road, beach, mall, garden, cinema hall, public transport- train and metro; the importance of cleanliness, the consequences of not keeping the surrounding clean that results in spread of dengue malaria. A few spoke on Swach Bharat giving additional insights into the nation-wide drive. This activity boosted their self confidence and enhanced their language and cognitive skills.

The boys brought a duster from home and used it to clean their classroom-table, chair, windows and bookshelves. They threw the litter in the bin. They learnt that keeping things in the right place also made the place clean. The boys were appreciated for their scrupulous cleanliness.

Going out into the corridor and staircase the boys picked up the litter and stuck it to the cut out of a dustbin. This acquainted them to the different types of waste- empty packets, papers,  fruit seeds, pencil shaving. To enhance their creative skills they sprinkled colorful crayon powder on the cut out of a dustbin in their activity class. The boys recited poems and sang songs on cleanliness. At the end of such enriching experience the boys understood that we cannot compromise on cleanliness and that cleanliness is next to godliness

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