Keep Smiling Day-Std. III
-Mrs. Shahnaaz Abbas

“A smile is the prettiest thing one can wear.”
In order to keep this smile pretty it is of paramount importance that we take care of our teeth. ‘Take care of your teeth and your teeth will take care of you,’ so goes the saying. This is what the teachers of Std. 3 in collaboration with the Head Teacher Mrs. Griselda Fernandes and a renowned dentist Dr. Atul Indurkhya, strove to imbibe in the students through a virtual dental care session named Keep Smiling Day on 9th November 2020.
The importance of dental care, good oral hygiene and ways to build up strong and healthy teeth were explained to the students with the help of age relevant videos and an educative powerpoint presentation prepared by Dr. Atul Indurkhya. Songs on the correct way to brush and videos demonstrating dental care were shown to the students. Dr. Atul Indurkhya gave sound advice and very patiently explained to the students the importance of a nutritious diet for healthy teeth. He also emphasised the need to brush after meals in the correct manner. As it is rightly said, “A smile is an inexpensive way to improve your looks”.
The students displayed their creativity when they made their own colourful paper toothbrushes and wrote in them reminders to themselves for their dental routine. “It was an important day as we learnt the importance of healthy teeth,” said Aashmann Sarvadekar of Std. 3B. “I learnt the importance of brushing my teeth.” “I have not flossed so far but I realise that it is very important,” said Kiaan Shetye of Std.3D.
Dr. Indurkhya patiently answered the students’ queries about the best toothbrush and the best dental floss to use. This virtual session helped to make the students conscious of having pearly white teeth and a smile that would go miles.

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