15 August, 2019
-Mrs. ValenkaFernandes

“They say a person needs three things to be truly happy in this world: someone to love, something to do and something to hope for.”
On the occasion of the Green House day, the members of the Green House presented their assembly depicting a ‘Joyful journey through Happiness.’ The theme continued from the earlier two house day celebrations that reflected on the aspects of ‘Journey’ and ‘Together’ culled from the school theme of the year ‘Journeying together in joy and holiness’.┬áThe teachers and the students stressed the importance of joy and happiness in whatever we do through a power point presentation, charts, songs, poems and an assembly over the intercom. Joy is spread across families and institutions, community helpers and neighbours, teachers and companions. And it’s imperative that we live in joy and harmony.
The students conveyed the message ‘A smile spreads joy from one person to another’. Songs such as ‘Happy’ enhanced the significance of the theme at the assembly. An example through the life of St.John Bosco was highlighted. He wanted the young always to be happy and cheerful. The students follow this epitome and learn to live a joyous life. Sometimes the little thing you do gives happiness to someone. So let us begin and continue the Journey of Joy.

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