13 September, 2019
Junior Kg field trip-Mumbai in the rains
-Mrs. Larissa Carvalho

The young brigadiers went on their first field trip around Mumbai in the rains.
Field trips leave a great impact on the mind of the student. These class trips provide an occasion for the student to travel without his family but with friends. This makes him rely on himself, take responsibility and enjoy the activity.
Monsoon gives every place in nature a beautiful touch. To experience these radiant and bountiful scenes of nature, the boys of Jr.Kg went for their first field trip on a bus ride around Mumbai in the rains on 31st August,2019.  The children were filled with curiosity as they lined up to get into the bus. An outing always excites children and this was no exception. As the bus ride began, they prayed to the Divine seeking His blessing and for their safety. Having learnt colours in class, the teacher asked them to identify red, blue and green colour objects. They were elated to show red cars, motor-bikes, umbrellas, rain coats, BEST buses and fire engines. They spotted blue cars, water tankers, private auto rickshaws, blue sky, blue sea and petrol pumps. They eagerly pointed out the green plants, ornamental trees and grass that lined the path. Along the way, the young students were introduced to the traffic signal and the significance of each colour. This boosted their cognitive development, social and emotional development.
“Teacher see…” were cries of excitement of the children as they were eager to show their ability to identify related pictures of different letters from their picture book, like F for flag, flower, A for arrow on the signal, L for ladder, lamp post and so on. This enhanced their memory recall, memory retention, speech and language development. The weather was hot but soon it began to rain. It provided an opportunity for the teacher to remind the children of the concept of hot and cold. They also were able to locate wet and dry places, clean and dirty places which they learned in class. This helped to build their visual observation abilities. When the bus was plying over the Bandra-Worli Sea-link, their imagination knew no bounds when they saw the girders that held the bridge. They identified these as slanting lines patterns. As they neared Mahim Creek, the children experienced bad smell. The teacher explained the difference between good and bad smell.
Back at school, time was allotted for sharing common observations and response to the field trip experiences. The fun the children had was unmatched.

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