20 June, 2019
June arrives – back to school!
-Mrs. Sandra Alphonso

Go all the Bosco boys,
With paper, pencil, notebooks
Singing like merry birds.
Refreshed and rejuvenated after a relaxing summer vacation followed by an enriching two day orientation workshop on 13th and 14th of June, the staff was all eager to welcome the students back to school on Monday, 17th June 2019. Our theme for the year- following the strenna of the Rector Major ‘Holiness for you too -is “Journeying Together in Joy and Holiness.”
The first day of school kicked off with the children being received with a warm welcome. There were colourful display boards in the Secondary section with floral decorations and emblazoned with valuable quotes and messages. The boards in the Primary section were embossed with cutouts which gave a glimpse of the school discipline policy, displaying examples of minor and major behavioral problems in different areas of school. In the Pre- primary section, the teachers decorated their classes making them lively and vibrant for the boys who were now undergoing a transition period of separation from home to school and preparing a menu of joyful and fun filled experiences in school.
On 17th June 2019, the silence in the school arena broke out with the hustle and bustle of activities – boys screaming, hugging friends, rushing to class, – besides the heavy traffic at the school gate. There were mixed emotions in the air. Some were bubbling with excitement while others fearful of new classroom, some feeling homesick while others filled with joy to reunite with their friends. Some boys rushed to claim the first benches while some claimed the last benches, though for a short while! The staff members of each section with a smiling face were at the door, corridor and staircase to welcome the boys back to school, thus creating a pleasant and positive environment for them.
A formal introduction of teachers coupled with some light moments of laughter with the students was the scene in every classroom. The scent of unused books filled the classrooms as the teachers handed them over to the students.
Following a half day class students went back to their homes with the pleasant memories of the first day at school.

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