Jr KG Virtual Field Trip-Transport
-Mrs. Sandra Alphonso

“Transport a bridge to reduce distance and enhance social interaction.”
Our means of transport and our transportation system so very important in our day to day life was brought alive when the boys of the Jr KG celebrated Transport Day on 3rd October 2020 virtually. The boys were asked to make and to wear a headband with the picture of their favourite transport that made the celebration of the event real.
The event started with well-prepared slides that showcased the importance of transport which included removing distance barriers that helped bring people together, delivery of goods and parcels at our door step, and visiting beautiful places around the globe which captured the attention of the children. As planned, a set of boys were given an opportunity to speak on a specific mode of transport with the help of a picture placard or a model and then the teacher took it forward with her inputs. The class was more than excited to see so many different means of transport whilst learning a lot of new and interesting things. Curious movements were captured on the screen.
To make it exciting a small music and movement session was introduced wherein through a medley of fun loving songs like-Wheels of the bus, Row, row, row your boat…the children were made to follow the actions and sing along. As an activity the children made simple paper boats which were then displayed on the slides and the boys felt a sense of pride when they saw their snap flash on the screen.
Taking care of the different means of transport by keeping them clean, not throwing litter outside the vehicle while travelling, following traffic rules, wearing a helmet, no talking on a mobile phone while driving, wearing seatbelts, were some of the safety rules the teacher stressed upon and also encouraged the young brigadiers to speak up when they see people around disobeying these very important traffic rules. The teacher also reminded them to use public transport often. Thus, making values an important aspect of the event.
With this, another interactive class event ended, and much was communicated to students and parents who were encouraged to take this forward.

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