-Mrs. Rochelle D’Souza

“In winter’s chills or summer’s heat, A farmer works so that we can eat.”

Our Farmer-his importance and his hard work involved in growing food which we enjoy as we are served a plate of rice is why the Jr. KG boys were taken on a virtual field trip to the rice farms on 19th of September 2020.
The day began with a prayer and the boys excitedly boarded the school bus for their virtual trip. In the virtual classroom, the boys are learning about germination of seeds and so the teachers wanted to show them how rice is grown. They were shown what a paddy field looks like and were told that as we live in the city of Mumbai we do not see these green lush fields around us. The teacher then began with her explanation co-related to the pictures-preparation of the land by making it soft for ploughing, the use of tractors and bullock carts for the same, sprouting the seeds followed by the process of sowing, the process of removing the weeds and spraying pesticides over the crops to protect them from being destroyed. The boys eagerly watched the entire process of harvesting and then the loading of grains at a mill for the separation of the chaff. The rice is then brought to the market where we can shop for it. The teacher also stressed on the two methods used-the modern method of farming with the use of tractors and machines and the ancient method of farming using man-power. The boys with curiosity in their eyes watched the entire process of growing rice from tilling the land to harvesting the crops.
Retrospecting this would not be possible on a regular field trip as growing and harvesting the crops take around five months but because it was a virtual field trip the teachers were able to expose the children to this topic thus widening their knowledge.
Adding value to their trip, the teacher explained to the boys the importance of our farmers. They also mentioned their hard work in the fields and urged the boys not to waste food. At the end, the teacher requested all the boys to pray for our farmers and their families as an expression of our gratitude to them.
Another virtual field trip in the Kg section well executed!

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